Your old fave cleanser is your new favourite scrub

Introducing mini face scrubs, with naturally exfoliating linen mesh.

I've never quite found a facial exfoliator that I loved. The tiny plastic beads in some popular varieties contribute to micro-plastic pollution in the oceans, while other brands just don't give me the fresh, baby-soft skin I'm looking for. 

Personally, Cetaphil is my go-to cleanser. I like the price, the simple ingredients, and fragrance-free formula. It works. But sometimes I want my skin to feel fresher and cleaner. 

This lead me to develop our newest product: Mini face scrubs

They are similar to A&O's standard reusable face pads, with one difference: an added layer of woven rough linen. It's made of 100% linen and cotton, and it can turn any cleanser into an exfoliant.

exfoliating reusable face pad scrub


I've used them to wash off clay face-masks (helps you get in all those nooks and crannies!), to stimulate blood-flow, and to wake myself up in the morning with a refreshing scrub.

I hope you love them as much as I do!